TheoRy Of Change

To inspire and empower professional Communities of Practice to drive the positive transformation of Cambodian education.

We work to…

  • Develop and deliver programs that have measurable positive impacts on early primary education outcomes
  • Establish an enabling environment for education practitioners to work together and shape their own professional development
  • Engage collaboratively with local and national education authorities and leaders, providing them with exposure to and experience of alternative educational approaches
  • Pursue local and international research engagement to investigate both impacts and shortfalls

so that...

  • Success at school comes within the grasp of the majority of students
  • Community understanding of the impact and potential lifelong value of effective early education is fostered
  • A collaborative approach to Continuous Professional Development equips education practitioners to better lead their school communities and to teach more effectively
  • Education authorities become champions of more effective methodologies
  • We can evaluate our effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement or new approaches

leading to...

  • More children continuing their schooling as parents and communities prioritise education so that drop-out rates decrease
  • School leaders being equipped to build a positive culture and foster successful learning in their schools
  • Improvement in teachers’ status in their communities, and their own professional identity, as their classroom effectiveness is enhanced
  • Improvement in the quality of teacher training to better equip emerging teachers for success in the classroom
  • Rigorous research guiding the ongoing evolution of programs and approaches to improve outcomes

resulting in...

  • More students achieving maths and literacy competencies appropriate to their age and grade
  • Improved potential for more students to successfully finish their schooling
  • Successful students being able to access better life, work, and career opportunities
  • Education authorities being encouraged to scale-up successful approaches and continuing to pursue ongoing improvements
  • Ongoing research continuing to inform future pathways towards universally improved Cambodian education achieve


To enable quality teaching
and learning at school


TRANSFORM EDUCATION: Empowering Teachers
and School Leaders to drive the improvement
of teaching and learning.


Cambodian children
empowered by education