Change begins with education

SeeBeyondBorders works to empower teachers and school leaders to drive the improvement of teaching and learning in Cambodian schools.

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Why Education?

Because it is essential for people’s success in life and for Cambodia to prosper.

Why Focus on Teachers?

Evidence shows that skilled teachers have the single greatest impact on improving students’ learning.

"The work is truly impressive and beneficial. Children in this generation can write descriptively and creatively. The teaching method is very effective, which is why we get to see these great achievements."

Our Frontline Work

Through training, support and contextually relevant resources we empower teachers and school leaders to deliver quality education for some of the furthest behind children in education in Asia.

Proven Impact

Evidence-based research and regular student assessment guides the development of our interventions which consistently lift students’ test scores by an average 40%.

Lasting Improvement

Embedding these initiatives within school and education systems builds ownership and strengthens management capacity to ensure sustainability.

Systemic Change

Our work demonstrates how education leaders and practitioners can inform decision-making in regional and national systems to transform educational outcomes.

We achieve all of the above through our tranform education program

Will you help us make a difference?

Every donation helps make the work we do possible. Donate today to enable quality teaching and learning in Cambodia.

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